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No Cure For That
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 Glenn Beck, with his usual array of charts and pictures and implements of distraction, has made the argument that Progressives caused the economic collapse of Detroit, not through ineptitude, or negligence, but by design.

According to Beck, it is all part of a larger design to usher in a new age of socialism.

You heard me right.

Detroit was not crushed by NAFTA and a greedy, regulation free culture that allowed for the unprecedented re-distribution of Wealth upwards while blue collar jobs went overseas, no; Detroit was not destroyed by Hypercapitalist, Detroit was crushed by the Godless commies.

What then, is the sinister plan of the all powerful communist/ socialist shadow government that is really pulling the strings in Washington?

Glenn Beck has your answer:

First, he says, it started in Watts, with the riots in the 1960s. Yes, I know Watts is in Los Angeles and not Detroit, but stay with Glenn- he is going to connect all of the dots for you.

First, he tells us that the Watts riots was not the product of systematic Police Brutality and other societal injustices suffered by the black community, but the Watts riots were a tool to seek “guaranteed income, that’s communism but Nixon was in power so they realized they had to put people in power to implement a solution.” (emphasis mine)

At his professorial blackboard, Beck goes on to tell us that they have a plan that includes “creating or exploiting problems that would overwhelm and collapse the financial system by getting more and more people onto welfare until it just can not hold anymore”

Gee Glenn, so a sinister force running the country is actually seeking a classless society, where we redistribute the wealth according to need, and – according to you, I’m just trying to understand this- this secret communist agenda is going to accomplish this by waging a class war? By making consolidating power in the hands a few wealthy elite?

What will that accomplish?

To which Beck responds (and I paraphrase here)- people will become so poor that they will riot and the result of those riots and the people will cry out for the government to do something to end all of the strife at which time- WHAMMO- the government will (remember: and this was the plan all along) impose Communism on all of us. Then Beck pauses, and with all of the conviction of a decent actor in a middle school production of Rome and Juliet, starts to get a little emotional as he tells us “gosh, how do people not see this?”

You're right, Glenn. Just like the magical era of a post Watts Los Angeles, Communism is coming to America.

I remember it now; the 1970s in LA was a golden age in Communism, blotted out of the history books by good religious folk like you lest the evil ways of the Godless commies took root. Perhaps God has indeed blessed America Glenn, for the power of California to spread fads worldwide is well documented; how the golden age of Communism that came to be as a result of the Watts Riots never spread far and wide is one of the great mysteries of socio-political history.