No Cure For That
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written by Eric Schechter
In the class war, the biggest advantage of the plutocracy lies in the fact that many in the working class are unaware that there even IS a class war going on, or are unaware of its general nature. And the plutocracy would like to keep it that way; hence their propaganda machines, their control of the mass media. The struggle over that awareness is the central struggle, because the bureaucracy of brutality would fall without a shot if its lower‐level employees ever woke up and walked out. [By "working class" I do not mean blue‐collar people; rather, I mean all people who do not own the means of production. For instance, that includes me, a college professor.]

This little note was inspired by my seeing this headline in today's Alternet: Corporate America's Plan to Loot Our Pensions Is the Latest Battle in Decades‐Long Assault on the Middle Class. That article and this essay contain no surprises for people who have been awake to the class struggle for a while, but that article may be a good introduction and summary for anyone who has just begun to become aware of the class struggle.