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While NCFT started as a one-man operation producing The Hermit with Davis Fleetwood, the expansion into a fully functional video production company is due in large part to individual donations from people like you.

Currently, NCFT proudly produces the following:

Acronym: Founder and Creative director of NCFT is your host for acronym. Acronym (because you stand for something) exists in two formats: an editorial video commentary program, and a longer form audio podcast.

Snarkipedia: Cassandra Bang is on her way to becoming a YouTube celebrity while redefining the world from a progressive point of view. Behind her News Anchor veneer is a slam poet soul.

Heidi Horoscope. Meet Heidi. Heidi has done what she has been told to do her entire life, and where the hell has that gotten her? A nice house, a rich husband, a bunch of neighbors with entitlement issues, and a vacant soul. Watch Heidi wake up. (starts Feb 23rd )

Manifest Destiny’s Child is the first feature length project of NCFT.
Murder in the name of divinely ordained American destiny and Exceptionalism continues was not just a 19th century fad. It continues, high tech style- both overtly and covertly- in every corner of the globe to this day.

All of this adds up to an independent media outfit like no other.

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