Beck: Progressives Caused Economic Collapse Of Detroit To Usher in Era of Communism - No Cure For That
No Cure For That
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 Glenn Beck, with his usual array of charts and pictures and implements of distraction, has made the argument that Progressives caused the economic collapse of Detroit, not through ineptitude, or negligence, but by design.

According to Beck, it is all part of a larger design to usher in a new age of socialism.

You heard me right.

Detroit was not crushed by NAFTA and a greedy, regulation free culture that allowed for the unprecedented re-distribution of Wealth upwards while blue collar jobs went overseas, no; Detroit was not destroyed by Hypercapitalist, Detroit was crushed by the Godless commies.

What then, is the sinister plan of the all powerful communist/ socialist shadow government that is really pulling the strings in Washington?

Glenn Beck has your answer:

First, he says, it started in Watts, with the riots in the 1960s. Yes, I know Watts is in Los Angeles and not Detroit, but stay with Glenn- he is going to connect all of the dots for you.

First, he tells us that the Watts riots was not the product of systematic Police Brutality and other societal injustices suffered by the black community, but the Watts riots were a tool to seek “guaranteed income, that’s communism but Nixon was in power so they realized they had to put people in power to implement a solution.” (emphasis mine)

At his professorial blackboard, Beck goes on to tell us that they have a plan that includes “creating or exploiting problems that would overwhelm and collapse the financial system by getting more and more people onto welfare until it just can not hold anymore”

Gee Glenn, so a sinister force running the country is actually seeking a classless society, where we redistribute the wealth according to need, and – according to you, I’m just trying to understand this- this secret communist agenda is going to accomplish this by waging a class war? By making consolidating power in the hands a few wealthy elite?

What will that accomplish?

To which Beck responds (and I paraphrase here)- people will become so poor that they will riot and the result of those riots and the people will cry out for the government to do something to end all of the strife at which time- WHAMMO- the government will (remember: and this was the plan all along) impose Communism on all of us. Then Beck pauses, and with all of the conviction of a decent actor in a middle school production of Rome and Juliet, starts to get a little emotional as he tells us “gosh, how do people not see this?”

You're right, Glenn. Just like the magical era of a post Watts Los Angeles, Communism is coming to America.

I remember it now; the 1970s in LA was a golden age in Communism, blotted out of the history books by good religious folk like you lest the evil ways of the Godless commies took root. Perhaps God has indeed blessed America Glenn, for the power of California to spread fads worldwide is well documented; how the golden age of Communism that came to be as a result of the Watts Riots never spread far and wide is one of the great mysteries of socio-political history.
1/6/2011 13:11:40

Listening to Glenn Beck is most infectious and toxic to one's mind.

Darryl Crouch
1/6/2011 14:33:27

Communism as described by Karl Marx, was the elimination of the nation state. Socialism was the control of all income producing assets by the state. America is neither, nor close to it. But the similarities to Beck's America and Marx's commuinism is the amount of government. Communism is no government except for self rule. Becks's society is feudalism, with a small government (with the exception of a large military, which really cancel out the theory of a small government) that answers to the wealthy. Anyone with a sensible mind realizes communism is only anarchy, as people do not function harmoniously without guides. So Beck is merely discussing a fable to create fear to promote the pre-US style of government which ruined Europe for centuries.

But to directly dispute Beck's alcoholic assertions, all one needs to do is look at the historical US budgets and see what percentages welfare takes up. Then they can address the fact in a free economy, the government can't directly put people on welfare. And people can't buy BMW's on welfare. Which do you think most people would choose? A low guaranteed check or a chance to own a BMW?

Jon Elliott
1/9/2011 03:48:04

I watched an episode of south park last week in witch Cartman was telling the first form toddlers that smurfs were going to be destroyed using a black board just like Beck. I wonder weather faux news realizes hes become a cartoon and only the naive take him seriously.
Oh and to Darryl Karl Marx did not intend the elimination of the nation state by communism, It was Mikael Balkinin who challenged him at the first international for which him and his followers were ejected.

Steven Harris
1/14/2011 08:36:01

Actually, Jon, Marx did envision that the Socialist State he prescribed as the tool by which the people would achieve Communism (not to be confused with "institute Communism"), would dissolve. It was the prerequisite for achieving Communism, as Communism, even as envisioned by Marx, was a stateless society.
Bakunin (that's B-A-K-U-N-I-N) and his followers were expelled because they did not believe that there needed to be a Socialist State, and thereby prescribed a situation by which post-revolution societies would advance directly to Communism. This was referred to as "Left Communism", and was something that, later, also saw the expulsion (and possibly played a role in the Soviet execution of) another famous Left Communist: Leon Trotsky.

Steven Harris
1/14/2011 08:45:52

@Darryl. I agree with your description, except that it's not the size of Government that creates a similarity with the government Beck longs for (or at least says he does), but it's the function and system of governance that creates a massive discrepancy. It's not accurate to say that Communism would lack guides, as governance would obviously still exist even in a directly democratic, communal society. Beck's government, though small, would be very powerful, but lack the ground-up, direct democracy found in Communism or traditional Anarchy, and would rest most of the power in the hands of the wealthy few, much as you suggested in your comparison to feudalism.
Also, you are correct in comparing the one to Anarchy, but only if you are referencing traditional Anarchy, (rather than, say, Anarcho-Capitalism) as it is socialist in it's perspective, and thereby requires a certain amount of democratically decided guidance with a mind towards community. It's very similar to, say, a Chomsky-esque view of a Libertarian Socialism.

Stevem Harris
1/14/2011 08:56:51

I think Glenn knows well, and prays on the nature of his audience. That is to say their willingness to kowtow to positions of authority (even if it is only apparent), rather than question it, and their lack of independently cultivated research (or proper "book learnin's", if you will).
He gives them chalk boards, a pointer, erasers, books written by two-bit hacks (Goldberg comes to mind here), and slathers on some big words with which to wow them. He knows they're not really double checking. They're not really going to attempt to formulate an independent opinion. They want to be told what happened, what to think about it, and how to proceed, so they can get back to their Direct TV, their Sports Illustrated, and their Bible...all in that order.

Magne Bartlett
1/31/2011 10:01:13

I just find it very amusing how he manages to use something Yoda, a fictional carachter once said in a movie to supposedly prove his point.

sheila colton
7/1/2011 10:06:48

I can always tell a leftist because they always blame the rich for all of our problems. Have you ever heard of self determination, self reliance and hard work? The entitlement mentality is what will destroy this country not the rich. The brainwashing of the younger generation has endured thanks to our Dept of Education, so called tolerance programs, social promotion, and politically correct environment. Of course, people cannot form a cohesive thought when they have been taught that day is night. It is not wrong to be patriotic, believe in God or to want to preserve our culture. I am so sick of the wah wah wah crap. I've travelled the world and am informed and The U.S.A. is the best country in the world. I will never support a Socialist government let alone Communist. The U.S.S.R.leaders were not ideologs they were thieves and starved their citizens. Study your Marx all you want but if you agree and wish to live that way of life then go to Cuba, Venezeula, or North Korea. I doubt your resolve is that strong, most of you don't have a clue. btw it's obvious you never watch GB because you completely misinterpret his ideas. But, that's the left's prize tactic....lying

2/26/2012 19:22:13

The tyrant dies and his rule ends, the martyr dies and his rule begins.

4/6/2012 13:57:37

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