No Cure For That
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Hey kids, here is the deal. Snarkipedia is going to be a collaborative effort of everyone in the ncft community. I'll post the videos that will deliver truncated Wikipedia inspired entries of popular people, places, events and things in a truncated, video format and reframing all of that content from a very progressive point of view.

Then you can edit, amend, argue & debate in the comments and on the forums. But I bet you think you've got more game than that? I'll bet you can write a whole Snarkipedia entry.

Listen, except when explicitly stated, Snarkipedia is written by Dennis Trainor, Jr. However, he can be a bit of a crank & we need some fresh perspective, gabbish?

You up for the challenge?

Here is how: Select a person, place, thing or event of interest to our greater audience and write a script for Snarkipedia episode.

Done that?

Good, now go back and edit it & punch it up.  We want to redefine the world for the progressive minded citizens of the world, but we want to laugh. Got that? Done editing now? Is it less than 600 words? No? Go edit some more. We will no look at anything longer than 600 words.

Before you submit your entry, know the following:

If your work is selected, the pay is zero dollars. We will be happy to give you a shout out and link to you blog, or creepy MySpace page or whatever, but the salary of zero dollars in non negotiable.

We reserve the right to edit your piece before it airs.

Still interested?

Email your submission inside the body of an email (we are will not open any attachments) to NoCureForThatProductions (at) gmail (dot) com

Be sure to include your name and a link to your blog, website or whatever you want us to plug on your behalf.

-C. Bang