No Cure For That
by Dennis Trainor, Jr

No one will argue with the fact that Moammar Gadhafi is crazy. Not crazy like your eccentric college roommate who you like hanging out with from time to time but would never actually want to trade places with, but crazy in an evil villain, cartoonish Dr. Strangelove kind of way. However, let me ask you a question and ask you to hold off on answering for 180 seconds: is he any crazier than Barack Obama?

"Gadhafi has lost the legitimacy to govern, and it is time for him to go without further violence or delay,"  said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and then added by way of direct threat: "No option is off the table."

British Prime Minister David Cameron, continuing the quaint tradition of Britain walking in lockstep with Washington told lawmakers: "We do not in any way rule out the use of military assets" to deal with Gadhafi's regime.

Gadhafi, the man behind the most brutal crackdown of any Arab during the current wave of popular uprisings going viral in the middle east, played the part of the batshit crazy Dr. Evil for the ABC News cameras in an interview with Christine Amanpour when he said, totally deadpan (no pun) that there are no protests in the streets & laughed off a question about whether he would acquiesce to Barack Obama’s demand that he step down:

"My people love me. They would die for me," he said.

"It sounds, just frankly, delusional," said U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice. She added that Gadhafi's behavior, including laughing on camera in TV interviews amid the chaos, "underscores how unfit he is to lead and how disconnected he is from reality."

It is hard to argue with that sentiment.

And yet, what do the following facts do to disprove my thesis that our current leaders, Obama included, are unfit to lead and disconnected from reality: We are a country that spends $100 billion a year waging war in Afghanistan that 2/3 of the U.S. population is against and even now more and more military hawks claim is a lost cause, while legislators wrangle over how to cut $100 billion from the budget without any meaningful mention or debate about cutting war spending.

Isn’t it time that a main-stream journalist, like Anderson Cooper, or Brian Williams, or Christian Amanpour- who apparently can get an interview with anyone she wants, has a sit down with President Obama, and underscores that in continuing the Bush doctrine of preventative war, in doing nothing to disprove Martin Luther King’s assessment that the United States Government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, funding the military at a rate exceeds the spending of the next 16 nations combined underscores how unfit Obama is to lead and how disconnected he is from reality?

By Dennis Trainor, Jr.

Even though Obama allowed the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would make it easier to form Unions and fortify the defenses of middle class in the war being waged on us by the super rich, to all but disappear from the administrations priority list, Americans know that he will be there when the chips are down.

He promised as much, in no uncertain terms on the campaign trail:

"Understand this. If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain, when I'm in the White House, I'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself. I'll walk on that picket line with you as President of the United States because Americans deserve to know that somebody is standing in their corner."

His language as President has never quite lived up to his poetic rhetoric as a candidate, but the country does not need poetry now.

What the country needs is a President who stands with them and fights against the coordinated assault on workers, planned by the super rich and being enacted by a new breed of activist GOP Governors.

What the country needs is a President to point out that collective barraging is not to blame for the financial crisis; criminals on Wall Street are.

What the country needs is a President to help us understand that even before Gov. Scott Walker gave corporations $117 million in tax cuts, in large part creating the current $137 million deficit it was individuals who made up four times the tax revenue of the State.

And that ratio is criminal.

The numbers of the Federal level are even worse. Individuals account for almost 5 times the tax revenues that corporations do. Compare that to the 50-50 ratios that existed when Ronald Regan took office and you begin to see how wealth has been trickling up, not down, for the past 30 years.

What the country needs is a President to help us understand that the current battle being waged in Wisconsin is not the first battle in a long war ahead of us, but, if the elite right wing super rich get their way, will be the last stand for Unions in a violent siege that they withstanding since Regan broke the Air Traffic Controllers Union.

Not in a Union? Don’t care about Unions?

If Unions are broken, the center of American Politics- already pulled to the right, goes even further.

If Unions are broken, corporate welfare will increase, and promoting the general welfare- as called for in the preamble to the Constitution, becomes a distant memory.

Yes, my Tea Party Constitutional champions: you have been arguing the wrong side of this issue all along. You claim to be into liberty, and yet act like puppets.

So, this is a black and white issue. Choose a side: You can bow down to the Super Rich Great Gatsby’s of the world and be happy with whatever crumbs they are willing to toss your way- casting yourselves in the subservient role of a beggar in some nightmare Dickensian pageant,

Or take a stand in solidarity with workers to promote the general Welfare.