No Cure For That
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 Acronym podcast notes/ 1.12.11:

Al Franken is ramping up his opposition to the proposed merger between cable giant Comcast and NBC Universal.

The latest on the developing story of Jarred Lee Loughner including how the media is treating this with kid gloves & just when you thought that Fred Phelps and the WBC could sink no further, they are protesting the deaths of the shooting victims. Yes according to Phelps, GOD HATES FAGS and, apparently, GOD HATES 9 year old girls who have recently been elected to student council and then shot and killed by political assassin Jared Lee Loughner.

Also… Sarah Palin, in a bit of fire and brimstone outlandishness is pushing back against journalists and pundits for manufacturing  (her words) “BLOOD LIBEL” by  suggesting that a candidate whose district was literally put in the cross hairs by her political action committee wound up with a bullet in her head. Apparently the staffer whom GOD TOLD HER TO HIRE and write her crib notes on her hand failed to inform her that "blood libel," is the old and false accusation that Jews secretly murder Christian children as part of their religious rituals.

All that, and some viewer mail.