No Cure For That
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 In June of 2010 Beck told his audience that Democrats like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi had used progressive revolutionaries to gain power and that the only way to stop them would be to "shoot them in the head."
Fox allowed this on the air.

No surprise since they also allowed him to say that Obama was a Vampire and the only way to stop him would be to “drive a steak through his heart.”

For more on Gun Control and The 2nd amendment see:

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william hale
1/21/2011 05:36:57 am

lets talk about humans
we may have advanced technology to the point where we have dominion over the entire planet but our emotional and spiritual evolution is still waiting in the caves where humans resided after slithering out of the ponds

Steven Harris
1/21/2011 06:29:05 am

William, I'm not much into the notion of the spiritual, but as to the gist of your comment, I couldn't agree more.

Elphaba Thropp
1/21/2011 01:07:06 pm

Dear Dennis:

In an aside, you mentioned looking for a new form of protest.
It's in the Transition movement ~
It might not be obvious on the surface, but if everyone woke up to Peak Oil and all that goes with it, the rest of our problems would start to make sense. There's no way the Empire could continue its business-as-usual.

PS: Stop giving so many details about your kids. It's making me nervous. There's too many lunatics out there.

1/21/2011 08:13:11 pm

How can he say, "They don't believe in anything." Then a minute later say, "When you are dealing with people that believe so strongly..."

The dude is just a total douche nozzle. I don't know, I can't even think of good words to describe him.

1/21/2011 11:34:48 pm

Great Photo shop work ya lyin' low blow weasels...and BTW I wish someone would anyway

1/22/2011 11:54:13 am

Another great episode Dennis. Its fascinating to watch the aftermath of the tragedy in Arizona as an outsider. I can't believe there is any surprise that this has happened. Who is to blame? First and foremost, the assassin of course, but it is ingenuous of the mainstream media and politicians from both persuasions to solely blame this deranged individual and act like his actions occurred in a vacuum. If not now, when is the right time to talk about violent, political rhetoric; gun laws; gun culture; and mental health issues?

As for Glenn Beck, he is just fucking nuts. I know, I know....I'm stating the obvious, but I'm not exposed to him too often but every time I am, I throw up in my mouth a little. That is fear and disgust my friends.

And finally Dennis, although I'm not a teenager, I'm a 36 year old female living in Australia, who last year quit her full-time, secure job in the government to go Arts degree (double major Sociology and Islamic studies - you have no idea how much shit I get for that)! ...because I just want to do it and I don't care what happens at the end of it....I just want to learn some shit, write about what I believe, and argue with some conservative retards.....and start getting some facts behind my absolutely inspire me to be proud of my liberal, progressive, pacifist belief system. I've taken it to the streets for many causes over the years (reconciliation with indigenous Australians, against the war in Iraq, supporting boat people, unions, and free the chickens from their cages!) and more. But I've never really been able to truly express myself like you do. To really put it out there to be challenged and judged. I think you are very brave and your media props me up a little each time I watch or listen to you. So please keep going! I've donated to you a fair few times and am hoping to become a member shortly when I can secure some more permanent work. Actually fuck it, I'll just sign up now. You're the best.

PS - thanks for the plug for Citizen Radio - they are fucking amazing xo

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